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Shopping Organizer

I put a couple coats of Mode Podge on the outside of the cover for easy clean up.  The outside cover is entirely made of chipboard for durability.  It also has a magnetic closure.

There’s a sticky note page right inside the front cover for all those last minute items we all forget and never seem to have paper and pen handy so we can write them down (the sticky notes are chocolate themed of course).  We might as well be honest here too, the older we get the more sticky notes we need.

Photo of Shopping Organizer
Sticky Note Page on Left

Behind the sticky note page is a secret page and pocket with a magnetic closure.  This would be a place for keeping the secret shopping list, you know the one with the chocolate items on it (shh don’t tell anyone).  Is it obvious that I like chocolate?  Okay I do but it’s in our DNA so really it’s to be expected.

Photo of Shopping Organizer
Secret Page With Magnetic Closure

Inside the first page on the left is a file folder system for organizing coupons.  On the right is a series of pockets for store rewards cards or credit cards.

The second page has on the left side three pockets, one large one for shopping lists and two smaller ones for receipts.  The right side has more file folders for coupons.

The back of the second page has another pocket.  The inside back cover has a place for some photos and a pen.

Photo of Shopping Organizer
Inside Back Cover

The two pages can be removed if desired leaving the shell of the organizer.

Photo of Shopping Organizer
Shopping Organizer

I added lace for touchy feelly interest and I like a vintage aged look so I added tons of ink on the edges of every thing.  This is a fun and pretty way of doing the monotonous chore of shopping.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.
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Happy Scrapping.

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