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Chalk Couture – Kindness Canvas

I started with an 8 x 10 canvas and applied a coat of white gesso.

I used the Chalk Couture Kindness Transfer and Chalkology Paste Bright White.

To get the gold and pink color I added some loose powder eye shadow from the dollar store.  However, (I’m so excited about this) Chalk Couture has come out with Chalkology Paste Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Silver, and Shimmer Copper. I would highly recommend that you use the paste because they have better glimmer/shimmer.

After I applied the paste to the canvas and let it dry I applied some Vintage Photo Distress Ink to the edge of the canvas to give it a vintage look.

Next, I used a matte sealer to seal the paste.  The chalk paste can be permanent if it is sealed.  Being a canvas if I did wash the paste off there might be some ghosting (staining) so I just sealed it.  Why use paste instead of ink?  If it’s something that will be washed (clothing-dishes) I would use ink.  Why seal paste?  Some surfaces don’t lend themselves well to being used over and over (unfinished wood, textured surfaces).   The paste is intended to be non-permanent so you can change your home decor.

I cut a paper doily into quarters and glued two-quarter pieces to opposite corners.  It doesn’t matter what kind of glue you use, whatever is on hand.  I added some ribbon to the edge of the canvas, and flowers ’til my heart’s content.  Then I added a bling stip to the top of the canvas and glued some rhinestones randomly to a few pieces of confetti.

And there you have it “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti”.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.
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