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Frugal Friday – Shabby Chic Tea Box

A few years ago I had a subscription to Allure.  The boxes that the product comes in are a nice stout box.  I hate throwing things away if I think I can use them.  So I shoved these in my stash for a while until I came up with an idea.

I did discover through trial and error that it’s a lot easier to get glue to stick to the box if it is sanded and roughed up a bit first.  The boxes are pretty glossy.

I also cut the corners on one of the long sides of the lid to make a hinge for the top.

I created some dividers for the box using chipboard and white cardstock.  Then covered all the edges of the box, inside and out with white cardstock.

I used Barn Door Distress Paint to lightly paint all the edges.

Then I cut all of my pattern papers and painted the edges with Peeled Paint Distress Paint.

I applied white paint to all my hardware and when the paint was dry I used a wire brush to remove some of the paint on the high points.

The next step is to put the box together.  That long side of the box lid that I cut at the beginning, now I will glue it with a strong adhesive to the bottom of the box.  So one out of four sides is glued to the bottom creating a hinged lid.  I Glued the feet and lid handle on to the box and then embellished the top.

Here’s another look at the box.

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