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Frugal Friday – Dresser

Here is another project using the Allure boxes.  Check out my Shabby Chic Tea Box with an Allure box here.

I started by making a carcass for two box bottoms and one top.  The boxes will be my drawers.


Making a carcass face view.
Making the carcass, top down view.

Once I had the carcass all constructed I painted the inside and called that part done because the only time you’ll see the inside is if you take the drawers all the way out.

Painting the inside of the carcass.

I also made drawer fronts for the drawers then covered all edges of the dresser, drawers, and drawer fronts with black cardstock.  (The picture of the drawer front is after it’s complete.  I forgot to take a picture, oops.)

Drawer Front.
Adhering the cardstock to the edges.

The next step was to create a base for my dresser.  I fashioned this dresser after one that I have in my house.  The angle cut parts at the tops are what I will use to glue the base to the bottom of the dresser.   Then I painted the parts that would not be covered by patterned cardstock.  Next, I adhered the cardstock to the base and the base to the bottom of the dresser.

Making the base and painting it.
Adhering the cardstock to the base.

Here is a picture of the bottom of the dresser.

Underside of dresser.

I wanted to make a faux mirror for my dresser so I used one of my dies to create a frame for the mirror then free-handed the supports.  I also created a back for these pieces.  I cut a pattern first then used the pattern to trace it all onto chipboard and cut it out. so I have a mirror back with a side support for each side that is all one piece and a mirror frame and two supports.  Three separate pieces that will be glued to the back.

Then I sprayed Vintage Photo Distress Stain on the front pieces.

When they were all dry I ran them through my embosser with a woodgrain folder.

I painted the back with black paint.  Then sprayed adhesive on the mirror part only and attached a piece of aluminum foil (shiny sid up) to the mirror.  Next, I put the front pieces onto the back.  I also glued a large crystal bead to the top of each support.

I created a top for my dresser out of three pieces of chipboard cut slightly smaller in size.  I used a corner rounder on the two front corners.  I sprayed  Vintage Photo Distress Stain on the edges then glued the pieces on top of each other and glued that to the top of the dresser.

Next, it’s time to cut all the patterened cardstock for everywhere that you want to put pattern paper.  I put black cardstock inside my drawers.  I also sponged some Tea Dye Distress Ink on the edges of all patterned papers.  Then I adhered all cardstock to the dresser, put the drawer fronts on the drawers, attached the drawer pulls, and put the drawers in the carcass.  Then I glued the mirror to the top of the dresser.

I cut out a dresser runner from my patterned cardstock and made some tassels for it out of embroidery floss and put it on top of the dresser.

Here’s another look at the complete dresser.

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