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Frugal Friday – Easter Tulle Wreath and Two Hearts

I went through my craft supplies on the hunt for something I could do without buying anything, using only what I have on hand.  Don’t like that “H” word, no I don’t, nope, nope, nope.  You know the one-hoarding, hoarder.  So every now and then I do some “bash your stash” crafts.

I started with a shape for a wreath and 10″ strips of 6″ wide tulle.

Then I tied each strip into a knot around the wreath, with the knot being on the outside.

For the black and white wreath, I tied 5 white and 5 black alternating. For the Easter wreath, I tied 5 blue, 5 pink, and 5 white alternating.  For the black and pink one I was running out of pink but still had a lot of black so I tied 5 pink and 20  black which gave the appearance of a wide black stripe and narrow pink stripe.

Then I painted the respective wood pieces.  After they dried I hot glued them onto the tulle wreaths.  I also added a feather butterfly to one of the heart wreaths and some plastic Easter eggs to the Easter wreath.

That’s some of my stash used to make three beautiful projects.  (I don’t hoard, I’m not a hoarder.  Okay, maybe I’m in denial.  I’ll start my 12 step program today.  (12 steps to the craft store.)).

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