Stamp Care and Hints and Tips For Close to my Heart Acrylix Stamps

My Acrylix Care and Cleaning
As part of our My Acrylix durability studies we’ve done extensive research on the best ways to clean and care for our new stamps and mounting blocks.  For best results, we recommend the following:

To season new stamps, peal them off the carrier sheet, apply to a block, then rub and pat them on the inside of your forearm until all sticky is gone from the image side of the stamp.  This only needs to be done on never used stamps.  The purpose is to remove manufacturing oils so the ink will apply evenly to the stamp.

When you ink up your stamp do a tap, tap, twist, twist, tap, tap on the ink pad.  Then apply the stamp to your paper in a straight down motion, apply firm even pressure all over the stamp image and lift the stamp straight up off the paper.  If to much pressure is used inking the stamp or stamping the image the stamped image may blur or parts of the image may be filled in that should be open.  You may also get ink on your block and transfer it to your paper.  When inking large stamps it may be easier to bring the ink pad to the stamp rather than the stamp to the ink pad.

It is best to use a block that is close to the same size as your stamp image.  This reduces the chance of accidentally inking your block and transferring it to your paper.  If you accidentally ink your block or part of your stamp that you didn’t want to you can clean the ink off with an alcohol free baby wipe.

Clean your stamps (and the block if needed) immediately after use using our My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner and Stamp Scrubber or non alcohol baby wipes.  Spray the stamp with Spritz Cleaner.  With the stamp still on the block, rub your stamp and block on the stamp scrubber.  The longer the ink remains, the more difficult it will be to remove.  (Pigment inks and StazOn will permanently discolor the stamp image.  As was the case with rubber, you will also notice that over time darker inks like reds and purples will also cause some discoloration.)  Use of acetone, bleach or oil-based cleaners is highly discouraged.  Use StazOn or Archival ink cleaners as needed (see more below about this).  Use My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner and the Scrubber for regular cleaning. These products are the most effective at removing residual ink, and will not damage My Acrylix regardless of use. You may also dilute the Spritz Cleaner to extend life of the product. Use of baby wipes, napkins or paper towels will leave a fibrous residue on both stamps and blocks.

If your stamps loose there stickiness try putting the stamps in a strainer (so you don’t lose any down the drain) and rinsing them with warm water.  Be sure to never use soap or detergent, as this may harm your stamps over time.  Let the stamps air-dry in the strainer and the “sticky” will return!  Once they are dry, return them to their carrier sheet.  Dust, dirt and oils may cause your stamps to become less sticky with time.  (Continual use of soap and water will eventually cause a build-up. We recommend using this method occasionally, only as needed.)

Over time, your well-loved stamps may need some extra care.  Use alcohol to remove residue.  If you notice a residue on the back of your stamps, rub them with alcohol using a non-abrasive, fiber free cloth and then clean them with our Spritz Cleaner.  Allow the stamps to air-dry with the sticky side up and then place them back on the carrier sheet.  This cleaning method should be used very rarely.  DO NOT USE ALCOHOL ON MY ACRYLIX BLOCKS.  Use of alcohol on blocks may cause hairline fractures.  (Extensive use of alcohol for your stamps is not recommended.  Use this method occasionally and only as needed.)

Your heavily used or deeply stained stamps may very rarely be cleaned with pure acetone.  Make sure you gently wipe the front and back of the stamps with a small amount of the acetone.  Keep in mind that this should only be done once or possibly twice a year.  Make sure you purchase 100% pure acetone, and never use fingernail polish remover.

StazOn ink was designed for permanently decorating non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal and ceramic; not for use in albums or with paper crafts.  The ink has no effect on the stamp or block, other than discoloration.  We recommend cleaning your stamps with the Spritz Cleaner as outlined above, immediately after use for best results.  StazOn Cleaner was designed to erase mistakes or residual ink on your stamped surface before the ink dries.  Although it is safe to use on your stamps, we do not recommend using StazOn Cleaner (or any oil-based cleaner) on My Acrylix Blocks.

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