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I know and understand how busy your life can be, leaving you with no energy at the end of the day to preserve your photos and memories. The photos end up in shoe boxes or remain in their developer envelopes in a drawer or closet, or on your computer eventually getting lost with the memories that are so special. That’s why I am so passionate about my Custom Scrapbook Design Service, because everyone should pass their memories and heritage to their loved ones; not the boxes and envelopes of unidentified photos and forgotten memories they currently have. So, how would you like help in creating your custom scrapbook? With your photos and my talent, we can create a handcrafted scrapbook to preserve your memories, tell your story and touch your heart. I’m looking forward to creating a beautiful custom scrapbook for your memories!

Here are the steps for starting your custom designed scrapbook.

  1. During our first consultation we will discuss things such as, album preference, color choices, journaling options, and other details. You will need to provide me with an estimate of how many photos you will be including in the project. I can also answer any questions that you may have about the process. We can also discuss any ideas that you may have for your album. There is no cost for the initial consultation. Note: You are under no obligation to continue with the process at this time if you do not like what you hear and see, although I am confident you will enjoy the end result.
  2. You select photos and journal your memories using helpful, stress-free inventory sheets that I supply. Use one envelope per group of photos that will be used on each page or layout including any journaling or memorabilia. Be sure to use archival-safe pen and paper! If you want to add the journaling when you get the completed page/layout, just make a note with approximate size of journal spot you’ll need. Any journaling you send me to include will be done from my computer since any handwriting in your album should be unique to you and your family. Digital undeveloped photos can be sent to me from a developing site. You can email your photo images for me to develop for you, or you can mail your CD/DVD and I will take them to my local developer for processing. There will be an additional fee for me to develop your prints for you. PLEASE, DO NOT send me your negatives, or undeveloped film. Once details are discussed an estimate will be given to you along with a contract with final details. Your photos, memorabilia, any jounaling, completed and signed contract, and 50% non-refundable down payment of the estimate will then be sent to me. It’s strongly recommend, whether you use Priority Mail, FedEx, UPS . . . that you send everything, Insured, With Delivery Confirmation and Tracking abilities. I will immediately email or call you with confirmation that I received the package and the condition of your items. As soon as payment clears I will begin working on your project updating you throughout the process via email.
  3. You will receive notice of your completed project within 6-8 weeks, at that time the remaining balance will be due. Once payment is cleared the final project will be delivered to you.
  4. Enjoy showing off your handcrafted scrapbook! With your photos and my experience, each of your custom-designed pages will be one of a kind, beautiful and ready to show off.

What types of themes can I use for a Custom Designed Scrapbook?

The options for themes are endless. Some examples are:

  • Anniversary/25th/50th/or even 1st
  • Ancestry/Heritage
  • Pregnancy/Shower/Birth/Baby’s first year
  • Pet
  • Birthday
  • Career
  • Family/Friends
  • Grandparents/ brag book
  • Graduations
  • Holidays
  • Vacation/Travel
  • Engagement/Shower/Wedding/Honeymoon
  • Reunions/School
  • Sports
  • Recipes
  • Military
  • Hobbies
  • and more

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Let’s scrapbook together, it’s cheaper than therapy.

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