What is Ephemera Anyway

According to Merriam-Webster:


things that are important or useful for only a short time : items that were not meant to have lasting value

Full Definition of EPHEMERA

Origin of EPHEMERA

New Latin, from Greek ephēmera, neuter plural of ephēmeros

So a list of some types of ephemera:
  • tickets from the first time you took your child to Walt Disney World
  • an eggshell from the first time your husband made you breakfast in bed (I know what your thinking “an eggshell, really? It means something to you and most likely no one else)
  • a cork from the bottle of wine you and your husband had on your first wedding anniversary
  • ultrasound photos
  • a lock of your baby’s hair
  • the outfit you brought your baby home from the hospital in
  • a playbill or poster or program
  • a receipt from the first time you bought something with your first paycheck
  • your child’s first lost tooth (if you talk to the tooth fairy she’ll let you keep it)
  • a recording of your child’s voice saying “I love you”
  • seashells
  • rocks
  • leaves

Anything that means something to you but others might not understand.  They might see a leaf but you see the tree that you received your first kiss under.  That leaf brings back the light as air innocent feeling which is good for mood lifting.  So think of ephemera as anything that invokes a good, happy feeling for you.

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